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About Us


About Spirit Motorsport Ltd...

Spirit Motorsport was formed in September 2010 by Motorsports Entreprenuer, John Cowan.

The company is made up of 3 divisions undertaking different roles.

These include the motor race team, Driver Management Services and the brokerage of race and road cars.

Spirit Motorport provides a hand holding service for aspiring racing drivers, which which help them harness their talent and take them all the way to taking part and winning the Le Mans 24 Hours.

We provide tailored packages for racing drivers so that they can reach their own personal goals for either testing or racing with full PR and hospitality support.

Spirit motorsport have over 10 years motor sport industry experience, and in that succesful period of time we have taken on board full knowledge of the industry as well as developing contacts with some truly inspirational and warm people who have Le Mans and F1 experience.

In addition to providing drives we also offer a Racing Driver Management service which covers all the aspects that a driver needs to advance his or her career in the industry including fitness, media relations and commercial development.

About John Cowan


John Cowan has been involved in the motorsport’s industry as a Team Owner, Driver Manager and deal maker since 2001.

One of John’s first projects was to bring a Renault Clio V6 into the British GT Championship for 2003.

He managed British Touring Car driver Hyla Breese, GT Driver Enzo Mucci and worked on securing budget for the Formula Ford Campaign for Freddie Hunt son of 1976 Formula One World Champion James Hunt

In 2004 John was involved with the Trident Iceni GT sportscar and secured the deal for Enzo Mucci and Alan Bonner to drive the car for 2005.


Superleague Driver Duncan Tappy, is another driver who John spotted the talent of and placed in the Formula Ford Southern Series. Duncan took part in the 2004 Formula Ford Festival with Steve Mole Motorsport before Duncan went on to win the 2005 Formula Ford Championship and the UK Formula Renault Championship in 2007.

Highlight of 2005 was securing the drivers and budget that enabled Tracsport to take part in the Le Mans Series 1000km race at Silverstone with a Tampoli SR2.


In 2007, John brokered the deal for Eclipse to run Del Delaronde in a Mosler MT900R for the Britcar 24 Hours. However an cycling injury to Del in the run up to the Britcar 24 Hours meant that Del was almost unable to take part in the race and Freddie Hunt was lined up as possible replacement. Finally Del Delaronde was able to complete as he his injury healed enough for participate in the race bringing the car home 5th overall.

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