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Should you wish to become a marketing partner of Spirit Motorsport please email

Why not share in the sporting challenge and business rewards of Spirit Motorsport's Endurance Championship campaigns by becoming a partner of the team in 2013 and beyond.

This section outlines a programme introducing you to this powerful marketing platform and one we believe can be easily tailored to meet your marketing strategies.

Spirit Motorsport's proposals are designed to advance core business and marketing objectives:

  • Develop new and expanded business via hospitality at Chairman, CEO, and CFO level
  • Enhance relations with elite audiences: investors, partners and business media
  • Convey 'big player' status via prominent branding and media exposure
  • Communicate key brand values of innovation, quality, focus and embracing change
  • Demonstrate product/service advantages
  • Provide platform capable of supporting all product/service lines
  • Strengthen employee loyalty and employment enthusiasm through incentive programmes

Team Identification:

  • Prominent branding on race cars, drivers, crew, transporters, and pit garage displays

Media Activities:

  • High-profile partnership announcements via media & web news
  • Rights to exploit team images in all 2011 partner advertising and publicity
  • Presentation on team website with links to other partner-designated sites

Promotional Services:

  • Days of driver non-race weekend social appearances
  • Days of personal appearances by team principals and/or engineers
  • Days of race show car display

Hospitality Facilities:

  • Team race guest passes and hospitality places per season
  • Days of test session hospitality

New Business Development:

  • Team promotes sales opportunities
  • Business introductions to other team partners and sponsor community

Flexible Branding:

  • Vary branding to support hospitality & show car activities
  • Reward new corporate clients and partners with media exposure
  • Change brand focus without extra costs incurred by conventional media

Employee Development:

  • Add Endurance racing content to sales, finance, and management training programmes
  • Host staff development activities at race and test events
  • Exploit excitement of Endurance racing to promote employee recruitment and retention

Information regarding new partners and links to there websites will follow shortly.

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